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Pain management is often thought to be achieved with prescription medication, anti-depressants, anticonvulsants, muscle relaxants, steroidal injections, and various nerve block procedures. However, this does not have to be the case.

Your pain may be managed by addressing the root cause. Not just masking the symptoms and/or the pain you are experiencing.

A patient considering pain management services might be well advised to consider the side effects of the typical treatments outlined above.

• Prescription medications, including opioids, are potentially addictive. You may build tolerance over time, and therefore reduce the effectiveness requiring heavier dosage and ultimately physical dependence. These medications do not “fix” the source of your pain. They simply stop you from feeling the pain. When you feel less pain, you may feel encouraged to use the damaged area of the body. This will cause increased damage.



• Cortisone or steroid injections in the epidural space in the back or neck may provide short-term relief for the back, leg, neck, arms, and hands. They also negatively impact the tissue and bone in the surrounding area. Therefore weakening the bones and ligaments. These injections are usually performed under X-ray guidance. There is enough data proving the damage experienced by the tissue and bone that you are only permitted to get three of these injections in an area of your body three times in your lifetime.



• Nerve blocks turn off the pain signals coming from a specific location in the body. Nerve block side effects include elevated blood sugars, weight gain, soreness, bleeding, blocking the wrong nerve, and in some cases, death. These procedures provide temporary relief.

Why Our Pain Management Approach Is So Successful

Our approach to pain management centers around finding and addressing the root cause of your pain. We will diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan that our medical team feels is the best, non-surgical, and drug-free option to aid in your recovery.


We have a surgery center and can perform nearly any treatment, but we view surgery as a last resort.


It may be possible to treat your pain with any one of a number of regenerative medicine therapies. They may help nerves, cartilage, bone, ligaments, and more heal more naturally. Chiropractic care may help realign your body so that your nerves are not impinged upon. Physical therapy may be helpful in pain management. There are many non-surgical and drug-free options to manage your pain.

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